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I passed my thesis defense!!!
Feel like dancing and singing and eating delicious meals and sleeping and light-reading :3
I really thank my family, my lecturers, my friends (and that includes my online friends that have been so supportive to me) :') I love you all *giving you hugs and kisses*

Still have +/- 2 weeks to revise and make it a hardcopy though, but I'm happy and so energized now!!!


About Eunhyuk and IU's scandal...

He dated few girls before debut and even after debut... He's a grown man, and I believe he has his own private life.

He dated before and he's still my bias until now.
So with this scandal or not, he's still my bias.

Be strong Eunhyuk, Lee Hyuk Jae, our beloved Myeolchi and Jewel Guy~! ^_^

PS. I just hope SM won't 'sentence' him to go on hiatus >.

Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring (3/?)

Title : Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring (2/?)
Pairing : Eunhyuk/OC, Donghae/OC, maybe other SJmembers/OC in the future chapters
Subject : Romance, Angst
Rating : PG-13 for now
Summary : Life is never a straight line...Just like seasons in a year, there's happy summer, beautiful yet heartbreaking autumn, depressing winter, and hopeful spring. And that's exactly what happen to Lee Hyukjae after he married his high-school best friend.

Chapter 3/? - The Big PlanCollapse )


SS4 INA~!!!

I know it's been a week already..but I just have my free time now and I'd like to spazz!

I went to SS4 INA Day 3. It was started around 1.50pm and ended around 6pm. I was on Super Fest E (standing area) and my friend had to queue from 8 o'clock for us to get front views. It was not in vain, thankfully, there was only 2 people in front of me so I could get fairly clear view of the boys. My height isn't bad too,around 167 cm so I'm slightly taller than lots of them :D

Aside from having to stand inside the venue from 11.30 until 6pm, not allowed to bring any food or WATER to the venue (my sister who went with me didn't even eat breakfast that day..thankfully, she didn't faint or sick), and some annoying (extremely pushy) fans who didn't even belong there at my section (their seating number didn't exist or got doubled,idk), the whole show was AMAZING.

When Superman opened the show, the crowd went wild. And I swear, the Jewel Boy SHINES. He got this new outfit (maybe because Jakarta is too hot?), black wife beater inside, red SLEEVELESS jacket outside, red hair, black shoes. Did I mention that his skin is sooooo fair and white? I think that's why he was like, literally glowed :P And I'm glad the stage is the same like most of the SS4 stages : it can glide,go up,and surrounded by water fountains. Most of the time the fountains made me want to drink the water it sprayed,lol, I was too thirsty and I was screaming the fanchants too loud :D

Min got close to my section first. He was bubbly and looked chubbier, but I love him like that. His face was soooo fair and I thought he had become more handsome than when I saw him on SS3 SG (maybe it was his hairstyle). Donghae also got close to my section and he's soooooo handsome!!! My sister (Hae's her bias was enchanted by his presence lol she forgot to sing the song when Hae appeared in front of us). Eeteuk threw some roses on my section and I got one!!! But it was a real rose so it's so shriveled now T_T I'm trying to preserve it by drying it, hope it'll work >.< Wook's solo was so sexy and he made me squealed because he often made this shy face when he had to be touchy and extra close to the dancer! He was sooooo cute! Kyu sang a ballad a bit, then there was this video of him scolding him (lol) because he always sing ballads :)) so he switched to Isn't She Lovely. His voice was *_____* and the whole venue started to sing along with "Isn't KYU Lovely~ Isn't KYU wonderful~" :)

And as always, my ultimate bias Lee Hyukjae had this overflowing charisma and stage presence on his solo. I was screaming "LEE HYUKJAE!!!" like a mad girl everytime he asked "Say My Name~!" He looked so cool but still cute with a white shirt. He took his cheat sheet talking some words in Bahasa and mentioned some Indonesian artists. And rofl,tbh, I didn't even know some of them XD (I'm a fail Indonesian citizen who gets lost in K-Pop world so I don't even bother with the local artist :P I'm so sorry~) I remember he mentioned Darius (I knew this one), Afgan (I knew this too,he's a singer,handsome and I love his songs), but I don't know who he meant by Rio and Dimas (and there are lots of people with that name here,so I assume that's the problem :P) But I still think I prefer this myeolchi anytime over those names :P I also wonder how he made us screamed "LEE HYUKJAE!" that loud. That's only overflowing charisma can do.

Hyuk and Siwon wore Batik (Indonesian fabric that often made into shirts for men,blouses dresses skirts for women) on Walkin' and I swear that Lee Hyukjae planted an idea into my brain that every men that wears a batik shirt WILL look extremely handsome *____* he looked soooo handsome in it, it went with his hair colour and skin tone so good! The stage during Walkin was also entertaining! Hyuk and Shindong on a bicycle, Teuk flipping on the air, Yesung&Kyu got attacked by the birds...the main screen was also great, synchronizing with their walk and the song and all.

Good Friends was so hilarious with them in costumes XD Wook went with his all to portray gollum, Teuk made this scrunchy face with his muscly costume. Bird Hyuk appeared from a box near my section flapping his wings everywhere he goes and Shindong didn't look that chubby in his stewardess outfit ;) Chaplin Hae went near my section and did some kind of shooting gesture with his walking stick. Storm was lovely with their awesome voice and fake snow falling from upstage, but what really did the magic was Lovely Day (Acapella version) and Our Love <33333 Their harmonization on Lovely Day was sooooo great! I love how they made this song into an acapella version. Kyu, Wook, and Yesung blew me away with their amazing vocals (when are they going to release a KRY album anyways? >.< ) and the beauty of the whole song + sapphire blue ocean almost managed to make tear up T.T Our Love was magical too,with the extra loud fanchant + video footage of their early days + the part when the fans were the ones who sang the chorus = MAGICAL MOMENT. That's when I knew I had no regrets of never leaving this fandom.

Min's solo stage were hot (and he's not shy unlike our dear wookie), shindong danced with one of Indonesian song, Vidi Aldiano's Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi (I think this can be translated as Love Please Don't Go lol I make bad translations XD). Yesung sang a ballad, For One Day, and his voice was awesome!!! I prefer his solo stage of It Has To Be You on SS3 Spore though, he enchanted the whole stadium to sing with him at that time. Maybe because It Has To Be You was too globally known? :P Oppa, oppa made me and my sister (well, my bias is Eunhyuk, Donghae in a close second palce and her bias is Donghae with Eunhyuk on 2nd place) gone crazy chanting "OPPA!!!" XD We both thought that song was errrr embarrassing,but it got the magic that made you just want to scream "OPPA!" and dance along with it :)) now I see why that song is FENOMENAL lol.

Sorry, Sorry was a blast! Everyone's jumping and fanchant-ing along. On Miracle, Hyuk was near my section. He danced, jumped, and made the crowd cheer loudly with his energy. Then he was with Kyu pretending to do the fake high five thingy XD then Kyu went to my section for a while.

On the last song, Destiny (which is a very beautiful song), Siwon came to my section for soooooo long. He's so tall! and HANDSOME. haha. He smiled and waved to the fans the whole time and I was like *_____* After that they were doing the water fountain thingy. Siwon told Hyuk, Kyu, and Hae (if I'm not mistaken) to open their shirts and be sprayed. Hyuk opened half his shirt, and Kyu took off his shirt but reveal another shirt in it lol. Hot men looked extra hot when they're wet,so I cheered loudly :P Fans asked Yesung to open his shirt too,but he refused and pretending that he's sick by coughing :)) But the members and the fans keep cheering so he took his jacket only and sprayed by the water. At the end, one by one they said some parting and thanking words.. Hyuk said he was hungry but because of the fans' cheer he'd feel so full. So he asked the fans to cheer loudly and he was doing this chomping motions with his hands and mouth, saying that he EAT the fans' love. He's soooo cheesy XD They went around the stage thanking fans then Min, Hyuk, Hae, and Siwon did the thumb kiss thingy :)

EXO-M did their stage cooly. Their dance moves are great. Too bad they only performed 2 songs, MAMA and History. At the end Kris said thanks in english like a boss then siwon, and some of the boys (I think it was Wook and Yesung) splashed their hoobaes with water bottles..SMTown love is in the air <3 Wook also hugged or chatted with LuHan <3

I didn't realize how tired my legs and arms (which was holding the lightstick) was until I was out of the stadium :)) too bad I only have a few distant fancams, a bracelet (the tickets are changed to this paper bracelet :( ), and a rose from leader-shii. I was hoping I could have some decent fancams,but the security scolded me twice so I got to be extra careful :)) But of course, it was an amazing, magical night that I will forever cherish and grateful of. And of course I would LIKE TO attend SS5 if they decide to have it ;)

Twitter & Tumblr

well... I decided to get active on tumblr and twitter too...
anyone who wants to spazz about hyuk/hae/sj with me can follow me on tumblr (http://cee-90.tumblr.com/) and twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/cee__90)

SS4 INA Tickets~~~

after relentlessly refreshing on the site last tuesday, I managed to get SS4 INA tickets at the online sales~!!!

I got the Super Fest tickets for the 2nd day~!
but does anyone want to trade their Junior VIP I/J tickets for my tickets?there will be no extra charges... ;)
contact me here if anyone is interested~

SS4 Indonesia Tickets

*le sigh*

I can't get the tickets today T___T
does anyone want to sell 3 tickets to me? (preferably junior vip area or super box area)
contact me here if you guys want to sell your tickets

help me please *a desperate indonesian elf* TT_____TT
okay. I seriously have to stop lurking into some new-for-me websites, especially the ones which I suspected have A LOT members that like to generalize. BECAUSE I FREAKIN HATE GENERALIZATION. I hate it when some people hate a fandom/a fandom from a certain country/a fandom from a certain region/a country/a race/a religion/whatever-group-of-people. Generalization is plain rude,annoying,and stupid.

minutes ago, I came into a website where you can say all you want about kpop in my country's language (so all of them are from my country). I regret it as soon as I read the posts on the first page. some of the posts are insanely generalizing!

"I hate XXX(fandom) because they are totally fanatic and they like to mock YYY(boygroup/girlgroup they stan)!!!so I decided to be AAA's(the idol which fandom is XXX) anti!I don't get why AAA is so popular these days and my friends are all XXX I'm sooooo not agree that they become so popular!"

EXCUSE ME?do you live in a cage?THERE'S A WHOLE WIDE WORLD YOU CAN EXPLORE.if you say this group is popular then you must realize that in the other part of your school/city/country/region that group have LOTS of fandom and you can see that not all the fans are acting crazy.To me,that reason to hate certain people is totally pathetic.Is it that easy to hate some people,fans or idols,and writing rude and judgmental things?GROW UP.

and you disagreeing that they become popular because some of their fans are annoying?that is a more RIDICULOUS reason to make a completely unfair judgement of someone's music,dance,hard work,and talent. So if one group have some annoying fans,they CAN'T become popular?well I hate to break it to you,but almost all fandoms have some annoying fans,so according to your cause-effect,all kpop groups including your favorite idols can't be popular.put up some sense,will you?

It scares me how people can easily hate other people because of THAT reason. They said they can never say this in front of their friends too, then go behind their backs saying rude things about them. And the writers' friends are equally scary to me. Is talking your opinion to your friends,which is a very different opinion with their friends',is prohibited these days?Is this country had become THAT uncivilized?has people become THAT close-minded?

I'm disappointed.REALLY.

and to them who said "I hate A because people like to pair A with my beloved B!A is a sl*t!" and "I hate C because C looks very cocky!C is a douchebag!"

is it that easy to be rude and call someone a sl*t or a douchebag without knowing that person?when has this world become so judgmental and rude?and most of those who wrote these kind of posts are in the same country with me and they are mostly a few years younger than me,then they must be like in middle-high school. A middle high school student talking THAT rude?what century is this and where the hell did I live in all these years? O___o

I know maybe this didn't just happen in my country,maybe other countries experience it too...but I'm still astonished how people can hate other people because of a totally ridiculous reason, even hating their close friends like that too. I just wish they'll realize sooner, when you grow up and remembered that you hate some people because of that reason, you will realize how immature and stupid you are. Kpop is to enjoy, not to torture yourself/anyone else.

I'm sorry if I'm ranting and I'm sorry if I offend anyone,but I just want to shove some sense and share my thoughts and disappointment because this had gone too far. I don't hate kpop fans from my country, I know not all of them are rude and ridiculous. I know there are a lot of reasonable and kind kpop fans, from every fandom and every country. I'm just very disappointed and concerned, remembering there might be my younger cousins or juniors thinking like that :(


It's Not an 'END', but an 'AND'...right?

Last night was Sukira's last day with EunTeuk DJ...
I've been listening to Sukira since I became a Super Junior fan,that is from 2008...
Their carefree attitude on broadcast,
Their laughter,
Their random stories,
Their hyper singing/karaoke time,
Their fail engrish,
Their voice on broadcast...
I will miss them all...

Maybe some people find this ridiculous..but I cried when I watch the ending,when someone translate what they said,translate eeteuk's,eunhyuk's,donghae's,and ryeowook's tweets...
I'll cheer for sungmin&ryeowook too..but sukira without eunhyuk&eeteuk as the DJ would never be the same...
donghae--the ever so loyal fan of sukira--came,their parents came too,then eunhyuk's trying to bite back his tears at the ending,can't even say his last words on broadcast (which was usually his part),and he barely did the kiss..I can even hear his sobs on the ending,then he put his head down on the table,sitting there for minutes while the staffs and donghae patted him...I can tell that he's sukira noona's baby boy,they came one by one to comfort him...he got up but stares at their DJ seats for some minutes,teuk even took a picture of it and tweeted it too...these boys are really the best Idol DJs,the most precious,the most carefree,entertaining,and caring to their fans.

Thank you, Eeteuk and Eunhyuk DJ of KBS's Cool FM Sukira for filling my days with laughter, happiness, and touching moments...

and I was writing this while crying again with JYJ's In Heaven is playing...somehow the lyrics are making me cry again...

They said they will come back...I hope it's really true...because I already miss them.

credit to beautifulEUNSIHAE86 @youtube

credit to hee83teuk @youtube

The Beautiful Friendship Called Hyuksu

I've been shipping this Hyuksu friendship since I began to know super junior and decided that eunhyuk is my ultimate bias (which is about 3 years ago)...I love their pre-debut stories, the hardship they had to endure, the up and downs, the silly things they did, the snarky comments they threw to each other on shows/radios...and it broke my heart when DBSK's (and yeah,especially junsu's) lawsuit came out.

At that time, the very first thought that ran through my mind was "What about hyukjae and junsu?Will they ever be the same?Will they still be friends?" Don't get me wrong,I'm sure that among DBSK members, they have, or at least (and I truly,truly don't want this to be true,I'm also a Cassie) had a great friendship. But to me, hyukjae and junsu's relationship is a greater, stronger friendship...

I was praying that hyukjae will follow junsu's twitter account and replied, I was praying that they still meet each other, or even call each other...I even worried because no fan account stated that they had met each other, either because they weren't friends anymore or because the company wouldn't allow it...I'm always touched whenever junsu said he missed his best friend, and whenever hyukjae mentioned junsu on a show/radio or make junsu's song 'Too Love' as his cyworld bgm.

So I was jumping on my seats when hyukjae said on sukira that he would met junsu later, and when hyukjae finally followed junsu's twitter account and they tweeted each other. At least I know, allowed by their company or not, they're still BFFs...

and yesterday, I came accross this tumblr : http://allrisexiahtic.tumblr.com

it has EVERYTHING about hyuksu...lots of their predebut pictures and videos I have never seen are posted there,and I was spending my entire night reading every post of that blog, either while laughing my ass off, or even crying some tears... :') (it's riddiculous,I know, but I just can't help myself to be so touched with everything related to hyuksu)

today,I still can't get over hyuksu and I found these videos on the tumblr and on youtube :
hyuksu with friends (I think they were in high school days) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYwSEMCl5p8 (holy crap! I can't even imagine how someone can get this video O___o ELF is amazing,really.)
and hyuksu's dance performance to shinhwa's hero : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VJCpH6kbPo (I still can't imagine how the HELL someone can find this video @.@ ) they danced so awesome and synchronized here even when they were still SO young (it's on their early high school,maybe?or late middle school?they're still students,anyways) and as always,my eyes are glued to hyukjae *_____* (sorry junsu :D ) he's just so freakin amazing as a dancer!!!

I think they had a lot of hardships..before and even after their debut, the things that breaks my heart are :

1. Junsu got accepted by SM first, hyukjae had to try again one year later to join SM

2. They were supposed to debut as a trio with sungmin, but junsu's voice won't break so they couldn't debut yet (idk why,company's regulation/strategy maybe?) but then junsu had to leave hyukjae and sungmin to debut with DBSK

3. Hyukjae debuted with Super Junior, but it was only a project group then...rumor has it,the one who was supposed to 'graduate' first and replaced by kyuhyun is none other than hyukjae. With DBSK's popularity is soooo high, despite their hardship when they promoted in japan, and they became BIG in japan too (I'm so proud of them :') )

4. Super Junior's scandals...eeteuk-kim yuna scandal,donghae's father's death & his outburst to his fans, heechul's accident, eeteuk-shindong-hyukjae-kyuhyun accident,and hyukjae&junsu's middle school scandal...

the latter one is what breaks my heart the most. He did make mistake, but then I saw him on sukira looking so down because people accusing him as a REALLY REALLY BAD person on sukira board/comments on his articles, and even accusing him to use junsu's popularity to boost his and spreading bad words of junsu because he envied him was just so rude and hurtful. Didn't they know this is the person junsu talked about too much (even more than his twin brother) on shows,showing how much he treasure his best friend?Didn't they know they've been in so much hardship before,even before they debuted?Didn't they know junsu&hyukjae spend their time together since elementary school, sharing the same school days,hobby in soccer,dream to become a singer&dancer?Didn't they know what they went through when junsu debuted first and had to leave hyukjae behind?When junsu felt so guilty that he can't break his debut news to hyukjae, when hyukjae was having a freakin hard times having to watch his best friend debut without him,were he even going to debut,but he still proud of junsu and support him no matter what?And when you see how they still BFFs after the scandal,you better swallow that insulting lumps yourself.

enough of my angry rants,sorry...that was a veeerrryyyy old news but it still breaks my heart whenever I recall it.

5. JYJ's lawsuit, hangeng's lawsuit, the GDA controversy, hyukjae's addition in SJM controversy, JYJ's broadcast blockages and people judging on them, the missing SJ members...

it's REAAAALLLLLY a relief to me that they're still friends,and when they played JYJ's 'Chajatta' on sukira,just a day before JYJ's In Heaven album release, can I suspect, or imagine that the ever-so-fond-of-his-dongsaengs eeteuk (the hyung who is always so fond of his two dongsaengs, hyukjae&junsu even since they were trainees) and the BFF hyukjae was trying to support JYJ,especially Junsu, in an even slighly possible way--Chajatta was an OST for a KBS's drama anyways...

to me, this wonderful friendship of hyuksu, is a greatest,living proof that K-Pop is not always just about popularity competition, but also a dream that best friends can share together and embrace their fame and friendship in their loving hearts together... <3

I'm sorry for the long rants/spazz, I just HAVE to share it (if anyone read my LJ anyways :P )